Our company acknowledge how important is the protection of the personal data of the internet users. While visiting our website for the purpose of placing an order or to make sure we can contact you it is possible being asked to give some information such us name, address etc.

Moreover our company follows the Greek legislature and takes measures for the safety of your personal data.

We use your personal data

1) When we provide service or products.

2) For marketing or promotion

3) We keep your personal data for at least fifteen (15) years for tax or others administrative structures.

Those personal data are from people who registered in our newsletter or promotion,special offer etc until those people don’t want anymore to receive newsletters or promotional material

When you give us your personal data we take measures in order to keep them safe. Only employees with the proper knowledge have access to them.

We might your personal data to people we cooperate or people who provide us some service. But we only give the data that are necessary for those actions.